What we’ve learned to date:

Key Findings

Learnings from film screenings

Freedom House Report

Artists’ Gatherings Report

Links to Boston/Busing/Desegration Historical Resources

CRRJ Desegregation Timeline

Tallulah Morgan et al., Plaintiffs, V. James W. Hennigan et al., Defendants: Civil Action No. 72-911-G.

Complaint and Supporting documents

Opinion written by Federal Judge W. Arthur Garrity

BBDP summary of Garrity’s opinion

PBS’ Eyes on the Prize, Part 13 Keys to the Kingdom

Massachusetts Historical Society on Morgan v. Hennigan

University of Masschusetts, Boston – Archive of Judge W. Arthur Garrity’s Papers on the Boston Schools Desegregation case, 1972 – 1997

Boston City Archives – Desegregation-era Record Collection

Boston Public Library- Boston School Desegregation Bibliography

Suffolk University – Moakley Archive Oral History Project – includes interviews about the Garrity decision

WGBH Open Vault – media archives

Links to Contemporary race/class/education justice issues

Boston Public Schools – Community meetings to discuss ‘School Choice’ 

The Boston Indicators Project

Boston Foundation Report on Concentrated Poverty in Boston

Massachusetts Area Planning Council – The State of Equity in Metro Boston

The Civil Rights Project – Metro Boston Equity Initiative

Charles Hamilton Houston Institute, Harvard University – several reports on educational equity and diversity

Truth Processes and Transitions

Greensboro Truth and Community Reconciliation Project

Michigan Round Table for Diversity and Inclusion

International Center for Truth and Justice

William Bridges’ Transitions Model

BBDP in the media

40 years later, Boston Looks Back on Busing Crisis

Project Director Donna Bivens on the Callie Crossley Show

Film to Launch New Project on Boston Busing Riots – 6.27.2011 AP article

Conversation on Busing-10.15.2011 Globe Article

Film, Dialogues, Spur Memories of Busing-10.17.2011 Globe Article

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