Is “2” the Best You Could Do, REALLY?

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no-on-2The public school education system in Boston has been under controversy for decades. For years until the late 1960’s the Boston Public school system operated under a separate but equal policy* which segregated the White population of children  from the Black population of children. The alleged premise of separate but equal claimed that the only difference between the two systems was the color of the children’s skin. All other tangible, important concerns were the  allegedly equal. The school buildings were maintained the same; the quality of the teachers was the same; the pay for the teachers was the same; the educational resources of supplies, equipment, and teaching materials were the same; the libraries were the same ; access to  and support of extracurricular activities(sports , music, the arts were the same. Or so the public and especially the Black community were duped into believing.
In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s the Boston Branch of the NAACP pulled together data that told a different story about the reality of separate but equal in the Boston public school system. They found blatant evidence of a lack of not just financial resources, but the lack of concern for the quality of the curriculum being used in the schools in the Black community. Initially the fight was to make sure that the Schools in the Black community received its fair share of tax dollars for the education of their children.


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Burning house meme

Rest in Power Maya Angelou

Is anyone surprised this is our favorite quote? We’d love to hear how YOU think Boston can face its painful history with courage.

MGH-Charlestown HealthCare Center

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MGH-Charlestown HealthCare Center

Participants in a story circle at the Charleston HealthCare Center browse our community-built timeline of the struggle for equity, access, and excellence. We are continuing to ask people around the city about their cnnection to this history and what we can learn from it. Let us know if you want to set up a circle in your community.