Arts in the BBDP

Posted: March 27, 2012 by meghandoran in Uncategorized

On Thursday March 20th we convened a group of artists to talk about how might use the arts to strengthen the BBDP at the Pozen Center at the Massachusetts College of Art. We convened this group with a strong belief that people learn, understand and communicate  in a variety of ways. For some of us reading about history may be enough, but for many others we need to ‘experience’ history on multiple levels in order to grasp its full power. At the same time people may benefit form having different media through which to tell there stories. At the Boston Busing/Desegregation Project we have a strong commitment to integrating the arts and artists into the work we do – we believe this will only strengthen our processes of truth, learning and change.

So many great ideas flowed as we talked at the Pozen center(notes from artists gathering). We walked away renewed in our belief in the power of story and storytelling, with lots of ways we might incorporate the arts as our project progresses. We can’t wait to work with the artists who came out!

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