Article of the Month – Why Movement History Matters: The Politics of Race and Class in Boston

Posted: May 22, 2012 by meghandoran in Uncategorized

What was the impact of Boston’s school desegregation crisis? This is a question we are constantly facing through our work and one to which we continue to hear many answers. Some talk about their personal lives and trajectories, others about their communities and others about the city an its institutions. In this article, Professor James Green from UMass Boston takes on this question, arguing that we have to understand education activism through the sixties and seventies to understand what happened to the schools in the wake of school desegregation, challenging what he calls the myth of the ‘good old days’ before busing.  What do you think? Is there a myth about the schools and the city before school desegregation? What have been some of the positive outcomes of school desegregation?

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