What’s Happening with School Assignment and BBDP?

Posted: November 12, 2012 by Donna Bivens in Uncategorized

In October, we blogged about joining the Community Coalition for Equity, Excellence and Engagement to ask the Boston Public Schools to put quality first as it reconsiders school assignment. As we have followed this process and listened to the many stakeholders involved, we and the Coalition believe that the focus should be on improving schools across the city rather than finding new ways to divide students among unequal schools.

Nonetheless, the  process has continued and very soon the Mayor’s External Advisory Committee is slated to make a recommendation to the BPS for a new school assignment plan. It is important that if the BPS does change how students are assigned to schools, they must fully consider the implications for equity, access and excellence, especially in light of Boston’s school assignment history.

On November 20th we’ll hold an update for the BBDP community and the Community Coalition for Equity, Excellence and Engagement to explain the school assignment plans under the consideration by the EAC. We’ll then think through what we can learn from Boston’s school desegregation and assignment history about the recommendations they are making. This session will be used to draft the BBDP’s response to the process and plans through a historical lens.

Oh, and it’s a potluck, so when you join us, don’t forget to bring a dish to share! Click here to register.

P.S. To see and participate in our evolving timeline of the struggle for excellence, equity and access click here. Also, it you have additions or corrections to the history please send them to BBDP!

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