Three Reasons You Should Give to the BBDP Today!

Posted: December 20, 2012 by meghandoran in Uncategorized

We’d like to raise $2000.00 by the end of the year – can you contribute to help us reach this goal? Here are three reasons you should consider us in your year end giving.

  1. Many people in Boston think we shouldn’t look back/should focus on the future. We’re okay with that. But we also know there are a lot of people who do see a need to ground in our history, to heal, to learn in order to really move forward. As a recent steering committee member said to us: “The reason we can’t get past this history is that we keep reliving it.” As we look back on the city’s (and the nation’s) history we see the challenge of equity, access, and excellence everywhere we look. These issues are central to democracy in education and in society. We must address them together  from every angle we can.
  2. There are many organizations across the city working fervently on critical issues of access, equity and excellence. We complement this work by creating a space where all of us deeply committed to democracy and education can take a longer view by connecting history, listening, learning, and organizing in order to make systemic change at a local level. This means we need local support!
  3. We care deeply about equity, access and excellence–and addressing the systemic race and class inequities that are among the barriers to them. We’re committed to bringing a diverse community of people who share these values but don’t always have ways to work together. If you value equity, access, and excellence then we see you as a part of our community. Strengthening our community is a labor of love that takes intensive time and resources.

Click Here to Donate

Thank you and Happy Holidays!!!

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