Posted: August 21, 2014 by meghandoran in Uncategorized

In news that is bittersweet to me, I am announcing that August 22nd will be my last day working for the Union of Minority Neighborhoods. After 3 years as a full time and then part time employee, I am transitioning into a resident fellowship in the Humanities Center at Northeastern University in order to (finally!) complete my dissertation. When I came onto the project in August of 2011 I made a one year commitment, but couldn’t bring myself to part with this exciting and innovative project. Donna and Horace have been like family to me and I have met so many wonderful people committed to the core values of our project – equity, access and excellence for all – along the way.  Many of you have told your story to me, an act of courage for which I have always been grateful.

Of course, I’m not going anywhere, and will continue to volunteer alongside the amazing leadership that has made this project what it is – a dynamic and powerful act of listening and truth-telling.Please stay in touch and if you are interested in my dissertation, on memory and politics (surprise, surprise), which will include a discussion of the BBDP, let me know. As I focus in on it, I’ll be happy to talk to anyone and everyone about it. I can’t wait to see what the next year holds for the BBDP and am excited to work with you all as it comes to fruition!


  1. Ann Moritz says:

    You are a model of commitment, energy and perseverance. We are all better for that, and so is this project. Bless you and thank you. Stick around! We need you.

  2. Scott Mercer says:

    This is great news, Megan. Congratulations and continued success. Your contributions to this project are enormous and just the few times we’ve had discussions it was very clear that you were passionate and committed to understanding the impact this historical decision had on all of the citizens and visitors in Boston. I’m very grateful that I met you along my journey and your journey. I look forward to the next time. Until then…

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