The Power of Story

Posted: June 27, 2012 by meghandoran in Uncategorized

As we gear up over the summer to launch phase 2 of the Boston Busing/Desegregation Project,  we are thinking a lot  about how people tell their stories. We’ve heard so many powerful stories since we began this work, and now we are thinking about a more formal process for collecting those stories and using stories to make change.

In the video below Kelley Creedon explores  how breaking the silence through telling stories  can lead people to make change, an idea that is central to the work we are doing here. This TED talk makes a great companion to an earlier talk we posted on the danger of a single story AND it features an organization doing great work here in Boston – City Life/ Vida Urbana, whose executive director, Curdina Hill, is on our Steering Committee.    So, once again we want to know: what’s your story?

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