Community Convening in Chinatown

Posted: June 21, 2012 by meghandoran in Uncategorized

At the end of May we teamed up with the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center and the Chinese Historical Society of New England to continue our community convening process.The panel was moderated by Stephanie Fan, a retired BPS teacher and administrator who framed the evening with a presentation on Chinatown and Boston schools. We then heard from three panelists: Suzanne Lee spoke on her experience as a teacher and then principal in the BPS, Elaine Ng spoke on her experiences as a student in the Boston Public Schools in the 1970s and Jessica Tang spoke on her experiences as a BPS teacher today. What emerged from the panel and audience discussion was a wide ranging discussion on this history and how it is connected to the issues we face in our schools and city today. See the video of the panel below and read the full report here.

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